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Problems printing white ink on red ink

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I am new at printing two color designs and I am having difficulty getting this right. The design is a big red solid shape with white writing over top. (This is on a black shirt) The problem is that when I cure it- the white discolors and becomes a cream color. Am I over curing it? The screen mesh I used is 156 for both screens and I am wondering if I should have cut out the lettering on the red design so that the white ink would be printed directly on the shirt instead of over the red ink.. Does anyone have any advice?
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I think you should cut the red type out so the white lays directly on the shirt. also you may be over curing , in a since scorching the ink. what are your curing parameters?

what type of heater are you using i.e heatgun , flash or conveyor dryer?
how far above the print is the heat element?
how long are you curing for?

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I'm using a flash dryer to soft cure the red and also to cure. The element is a couple inches from the shirt (maybe too close?) and I check the temperature for curing with a temperature gun to make sure I'm not over curing.
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