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Problems printing on dark shirts

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Im having a problem when printing on dark 100% cotton shirts. The shirts are coming off the printer with a ghost-like image in somewhat of a square. It's as if the fabric has been discolored and the square is in the area where the squeege starts and ends. It's happening with any dark colored shirts. When we first noticed the issue, we noticed on a shirt that was being flashed 3 times and thought it might be a result of the heat, but we are now noticing it even around the printed tag area which only had one flash. Has anyone had a similar problem or have any suggestions as to what could be happening?

I attached a picture of it happening around the tag on the back of the shirt. You can notice a square around the tag and see where the fabric has sort of lost color.
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Hi, Try a wider squeegee with less pressure. A softer durometer may help also...What is the white haze around the logo?
Thanks for the input as for the haze I have no clue as to what it is. I seems to be discolored fabric this problem has my screen printer and I stomped. The haze is actually on the inside of the shirt and comes from the printing of the label.
Hi, Is this being printed as a 3 color print? If so, It looks like the white screen is breaking down...possibly a ghost image from a previous half moon image used on the screen previously. Also, How is the squeege impression smaller than the logo
I would have to agree that the screen with the white ink has remnants of some half-moon logo, which looks an awful like the logo in your avatar. Was this screen cleaned thoroughly? or is the emulsion breaking down prematurely? what kind of emulsion are you using?
The haze is from when the tag on the inside of the shirt but can be noticed from the back also. That is why it looks like the impression is smaller than the logo cause it is actually part of the print inside from the tag. I hope I explined myself properly.
Are you saying that you are actually printing on the tag inside the garment?
If so, I would say the problem is caused by excessive squeegee pressure
I would say it's coming through due possibly to excessive squeege pressure but I think you should do the inside tag print last. It's basically making an impression through the shirt, similar to when you were in elementary school and you put a leaf under a piece of paper and then rubbed a crayon across the leaf. So maybe there's a good amount of ink being laid down for the tag... maybe put down a thinner layer or do the inside tag last so that you're not getting impressions through the shirt when trying to do the back side logo.
Yes they are tagless tess in which the tags are printed on and the haze appears around the tag. I just took a picture from the back of the tee because its more noticeable from there. Thanks for all your input and sorry if I may have confused you at the beginning. I am going to relay these things to my screen printinng service provider and see if less pressure is the solution.
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