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I'm running into a problem with heat pressing can coolers where the surface of the neoprene becomes dimpled after pressing (See side-by-side pic of unpressed and pressed cooler). I have tried multiple combinations of heat and pressure and have been unable to get anything to work consistently. I started using F&M Expressions vintage transfers for this (temp 375 for 7 seconds, hard pressure). When I thought it was a heat issue, I started dialing back and thought that maybe the F&M Nylon transfers would be the way to go because they are pressed at 300. However, I tried doing the cooler at 300 and same issue. I contacted the distributor where I bought them and was told not to heat press them. I should only screenprint. But then what do people cure them at if it's a heat issue? Another weird thing is that my wife ordered a batch of the same can coolers and she never had a single problem even at the high heat setting (approx 350). Both our orders included navy blue and hers do fine where mine pucker up... Bad batch maybe? Even so, I have no idea what do do with all of these if I can't press them... Any ideas or suggestions?


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