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I have a two layer design that I cut with my vinyl cutter (both colors have nice sharp edges). I iron on the white first and the navy goes on top. After I press the navy on, the edges become very jagged on the navy and look terrible. The Geo Knight 178U is the hat press I'm using and the temperature isn't adjustable. I will say though that I had the same problem layering with my regular heat press (Geo Knight DK20S) that I used the correct temperature with. Then I realized if I did more than 10-15 seconds it would look like it was jagged. If I don't do it longer though, it tends to wrinkle up a little bit after laundering it. With my current situation (hats with a hat press) I have to press it repeatedly to get it to all lay down on the curves of the hat. Is there a solution so I get good adherence on what I'm applying it to, without getting distorted edges with the increased time?
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