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Problems installing acroRIP

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Hi Guys
Buy a DTG printer in China, using Epson 1390 heads, they sent me the AcroRIP 8.1.
Sent me a link to download and flash memory to make it run (according to them) ... but They ran with win7, then install the win8 north and finally am with xp and even I have problems .... Besides the flash memory Recognized never the pc.
Can you give me some tips to install it right? Or ... where to download it or buy it.
That could take a similar software?
A month ago I'm not able to use the printer.
I appreciate you to help me.

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You porbably got a pirated version with a cracked dongle.

If you want good RIP check out WhiteRIP or EkPrint.
boguslaw,, what do you know about whiteRip and any idea of the price?

One of the best RIP out there :)

I think retail it goes 1000 - 1400 euro depending of version and adons.
It says on their website that the white ink work in simultaneous with the colors ink
as it lays down ink on dark fabric,,, if I am reading it right.. and if it does it worth
the money for sure..
We have Acrorip from v7 to v8. Reasonable price.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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