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Problem with yellowing on t-shirt...

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I have read and gotten several tips but i wanna put my situation out here for several to comment on(i hope)..I used my press several times at 250 temp. for 20 seconds and got pretty good results(with HP, and now i have epson)..I also got some if the sofstretch paper.Now the directions with the paper was 350 temp for 25-30 seconds and i completly burnt the 1st t-shirt and now my teflon sheet is also brown. So i took the temp back down to 275 for 20 seconds but now all my shirts have a yellowing/browning around the image where the shirt is under the press..Is the now happening because i have permanently scorched my teflon sheet? I am also testing on 100% cotton and not 50/50..

ALso, are all teflon sheets the same? I am using the one that came with my press, clear/see thru fabric..

My press also has a metal top and a metal bottom, but there is a thick cushion on the bottom, which the shirt rest' on..

Any tips advise is GREATLY appreciated!!

Chris and Tracey
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all sheets are not created equal, you may want to clean the platen on your machine, go by the msu for the paper when printing on 50/50 vs 100%, each should suggest different times i suggest you change the teflon sheet you may want to invest in a protector cover for the upper platen and try again.

this is not unusal just a rookie mistake which means you are quickly on your way to becoming a transfer king.
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