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After 20 days of vacation I plugged in the TX Plus adv and everything was looking fine. All nozzles on its place, machine sounds perfect, but when I tried to print something everything was silent. No movement, no nothing.
I found that TJRIP didn't recognize the printer. It is marked as UNCONNECTED at the bottom left of the RIP screen , not Idle or printer error or something else.
Several restarts of machine or Mac didn't help.
New USB cable didn't help.
I evet tried to connect directly to motherboard at the top of the machine, no help.
Machine was unplugged for 21 day and looks OK, no error codes, strange sounds, all nozzles are at 99%, but no connection to my MacBook pro is possible.
I have MBP mid2014, texjetRip 7 (1132) TexJetPlus Advance.
Any ideas? :confused:
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