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problem with prints - is this normal?

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Sent some shirts to an outsourced printer and got a white rectangle around the prints.

When asked the printer he advised this is ". It is because of the squeegee's pressure when printing cross the screen, which is unavoidable. And I think it would be ok after a while, especially after washed. "


Can anyone advise if that is the case?
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Looks like a heat press mark to me like they either used plastisol transfers or pressed to cure or simply smooth print. In 7 years I have never have seen that with direct screen printing.
I don't think the used a transfer here, they have automatic printing, could it the pressure was set to high?
Not big deal at all, it is the pressure of the squeege that flatten the shirt fibers.

After 1st wash or with a wet sponge you will not see any of it anymore.

There is solution to avoid this : minimal squeege pressure during printing. Use palette larger than the squeege, Cut outer Edge of blade like on the photo

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It is very common for the shirt to compress, with automatic printing the pressure will cause a slight pallet mark that does not damage the shirt. Black shirts,red shirts and navy will show them the most.
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The lines on the left and right side are caused by the Squeegee being wider than the pallet.
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I guess I've never seen this due to never using a squeegee bigger then the platen and only using enough pressure on the auto to just clear the screen.
Looks to me like an underexposed screen....

That outer white box looks suspiciously like the outline of the positive. I've seen this before, especially with an auto and too much pressure.

Really looks like stencil breakdown to me..

If that white is ink, it's always going to look like that.
"It will look better after washed" is an unacceptable answer. If my customers had to wash 400 garments after I print them I'd be done.
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