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I have a Brother 916AC single head. It's about 15 years old. Been flawless for all those years. Just this past week, it was sewing and it just stopped in the middle of a design. Everything was still on. Pushed the START button, but it would not start. I shut it down. Started it back up but still would not start. I shut it down again and waited 5-10 minutes. Started it back up and pressed start and finished the entire design with no problems.
The next morning it ran for about 30-40 minutes and did the same thing.
It seems as though something is getting hot, even though nothing smells or appears to be burnt. I called Brother Tech and they think it may be a power supply but can't be sure. I don't want to purchase a power supply for $800 and then find out that isn't the problem. I was told it can't be the computer board because if it was it wouldn't start up or function normally.
Can anyone give me some insight on this situation? Or maybe has had this happen to their machine...? Any info would be great!!!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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