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Problem with magenta on Epson D92 ???

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Hi to all.
I have problems with sublimation magenta on my Epson D92, Using inktec sublimation ink with refillable catriges on d92.
First two pages ok (nozzle check ok) then it just STOP
I flush out the head (with windex), then the magenta nozzle check is fine, but only for first few prints.

Also, i bought few aftermarket t0713 catriges (regular dye ink), when i install catrige, after few cleanings everything is working fine, and i can print magenta as much as i can (more than few pages).

Also, i have tried some sublimation ink from China (dont know the supplier), same thing happening as InkTec ?
I use fresh InkTec sublimation ink (no mix)

How can i fix this issue ???

Thank you very much !
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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