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Problem with a T-jet 2

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Hello all.
I have a problem with my fast T-jet 2 printer. I inserted the T-shirt and loaded print bed to print, did everything as usual. The printer started to print and everything was OK, but then I heard a strange silence noises from a printer (probably from a moving printhead) and I saw that printer was printing black lines on a t-shirt and whole print bed. Here's the photo - ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting

I faced the same problem yesterday, everything vent the same... printer started to work properly again after I plugged of power lead restarted PC and made a few head cleanings and nozzle checks.

Maybe I faced this problem, because I set the print bed too high? I checked the print bed height and it was almost touching the rail.

Hope you can help me to resolve this problem.

Thank you for your answers.
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have you cleaned encoder strip.
and make sure you are plugging directly into computer not a usb hub
ave you cleaned encoder strip.
and make sure you are plugging directly into computer not a usb hub
I totally agree with Osskobret about the encoded strip, I have not had our system for very long now ( less than 2 months) and found out how important that strip really is. Good Luck
I have also found at least with my setup if you are printing and plug something into another usb port like a flash drive to upload some files it will disrupt the comunication and confuse printer.it sounds wiered but i was printing one day and pluged a flash drive in to upload a customer logo and instead of printing green the printer started to print blue, after i ruined that shirt i threw in another and it printed corectly again
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Ok, thanks for the tip. I have cleaned the encoder strip and I restarted the printer again, as the last time. Will see how it will print tomorrow.
And also I forgot to tell that every time I turn on the printer the red button flashes 5 times, is it very bad? Its happening since I bought the T-jet 2, everything printed fine since yesterday, so I did not make any notice at the flashing red light...
and make sure you are plugging directly into computer not a usb hub
What do you mean by saying connect directly to PC? I connect Fast T-jet 2 with PC using USB cable and I connect it to USB slot in my PC. I have connected printer, mouse, wireless internet modem and a fast artist dongle to my PC using usb slots.
Connecting right into the usb slot on your pc is connecting directly. Usually connecting to a hub with a tjet 2 won't cause problems but is always best to connect directly with a gold tip usb cable. I used to do it in the past when I was running 4-5 tjets at once and didn't have extra usb connections on my pc. A hub was the only thing I could use. Didn't experience issues then. Even using a usb extension worked. Using a hub and extension will cause more issues on larger format based dtgs like epson 4880 or 1900 based.

If your still experiencing black lines printing across the whole bed another thing to look at is your print head ribbon cables. They may be corroded. If this is the case then sometimes cleaning the metal tabs with a pencil eraser can fix it.
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