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Hi all,

I've just bought a second hand screen print package (never been used) with screen and consumables. Thought i'd have a go at exposing some screens with my logo on it before taking orders to iron out any teething problems!

After exposing the screen not only the image washed out, but other parts of the screen as well. So im thinking maybe I haven't exposed for long enough so tried twice more with longer exposure times, still no luck. After checking everything, i found the Diazo had gone like goo in the bottom of the bottle and not mixed with the water/emulsion. I'm assuming this is the problem?

1. I filled the diazo with water again and left overnight , it dissolved into the water so i mixed with the emulsion, should this be ok to use?

2. Obviously my screens were no good to use so I tried to remove the stencil, and nothing works! I've gone through half a bottle of stencil strip (diluted and neat) and tried other things, the stencil strip gets rid of some, but certain parts just won't budge! Any Ideas?

Cheers in advance!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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