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I received my Heat Press in just a few short days. Awesome. We put it in the shop, son was so helpful getting it up on the table and getting it situated so dear old mom didn't have to fuss. Well, I went to the shop today to do some shirts. Machine turned on great, started heating up very quickly, a lot faster then my old one. Well I went to set the timer, I can't set the timer. It is on 2 seconds. I push the set button and then the up arrow, nothing. So I tried to set the temp button. Same thing. Very aggravating, when I have an order to get out. I seem to be the only one having this problem. Then half the order was done, then the clam wouldn't stay down, I had to hold it. These are just thin t-shirts. My next order is thick sweatshirts. Anyone have and ideas for me. I watched the video on line and everything. :confused:
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