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So far when printing we've been sticking to one company when it comes to plastisol inks. M3 Rutland. For underbase and top colors.

But I was thinking if we could switch the underbase to another manufacturer like Wilflex. The main reason is the cost of white underbase ink. Should we just go with it as plastisol is just plastisol no matter who the manufacturer is or there is more to it?

Let's say we print the underbase with Wilflex Amazing Bright White and all the other colors on top with M3 Rutland. Anyone has any experience with printing like that? I'm wondering if there would be any issues with printing? Main question is if top colors would "stick" to underbase like they should when curing and print would be durable and cured properly.

thank you for any input on this matter.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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