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Printing White with one printer and coloured with another

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Hi Guys I want to know if it's possible to print the white ink with one printer, using the black cart for example ( lets assume that each printer has just four cartridges) and putting the t-shirt yet painted in white at another printer to paint them with the other colours?
Thank you ..

Alexandre from Brazil
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You will have to make sure you have the ability to put the shirt in exactly the same spot on both printers. Otherwise you'll have registration issues. The way Belquette's Mod1 platens use the ball index system is the best way to do it. The time it'll take to get that dialed in it'd be easier to just get a 8 channel printer. IMO
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The only way is if you dont have.any butt colors. If the white and otber colors do not sit close you can. If there is a but registration it will notbe worth the time setting up each shirt.

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