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Printing white on black

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I have this image that I cut in black vinyl and pressed on a white T it came out great now the customer wants a black T with white vinyl, it don't look the same is there something I can do to the image to make it work the image is a face. Thanks
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Can you post the image?
Cutting a white vinyl wouldn't fix the problem?

This is the image the guy wants the shirt for a reunion of a club from the 70's.


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If you reverse a one color image that has depth (like a face in stencil form) and that is what you do, you have to draw an extra lining around the open areas and after plotting the vinyl you start weeding the opposite of your black face on a white tee.

In short draw a line (double ofcourse so the vinyl sticks) and weed the opposite of your normal image.
Anyone got an example of this? I think I get the idea, but seeing it would make it easier.
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