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Re: Printing positives for screen making

Search the forum for "density" "opacity" "positives", or "RIP".

Epson printers use piezo heads which can be hot rodded with printer drivers to increase deposit.

HP and Canon use thermal heads that can't increase deposit with programming and there are no screen printing translation programs for them.

Minimum UV density to stop UV energy is usually 2.20 which requires a RIP.

All 4 screen printing RIPs can generate 2.8 to 3.0 UV opacity.

Size matters. The top sellers are:

13" Epson 1400 dye ink Currently on sale with 1yr warranty US$149
17" Epson 4880 pigment ink and US$2,000
24" Epson 7880 pigment ink
44" Epson 9880 pigment ink

Dye ink jet film with swellable coating usually costs half the price of micros porous pigment ink coated film.

Dye ink works with micro porous film and dye film.
Pigment ink doesn't work with swellable coated film. The ink particles sit on the surface like poppy seeds.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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