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printing towels

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Anything special I should know about when printing towels. Cotton terry towels , nothing special except a grommet .
?std mesh size? PFP?
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Printing towels is a different type of printing.
You need to get good coverage, have a soft hand, and stand up to repeated washing.
The soft hand is the most important thing, if the towels are going to be used for real, not just looks.
Golf towels are not a problem, people won't be washing their face with them, but other uses need to feel good.
Light colored towels are easy. Ultrasoft pastosol with soft hand base, prints nicely and feels great.
Dark colored towels need thick ink, and will be a very plastic feel.

Water based ink on towels is the best, for light items. There is no ink feel, and it soaks into the fabric.
You will need to test the print and wash them a few times to make sure they don't fade.
My results have been great.
Good luck.
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I agree on the water based print. Keep one thing in mind. Your emulsion is probably water based and will break down with use. You either need to use a hardner, or use emulsion for water base printing. If not, you will be printing the entire towel, and not how you intended.
Bob is right about the water based ink and the emulation.
The right water resistant emulation is important to printing water based ink.
Check Silkscreensupply.com for their ink and videos. The videos help
Good luck on the project.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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