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In the book "How to Print T-shirts for Fun & Profit" there is a small section on printing band designs. It looks simple enough to do for one shirt with one color, but too labor intensive to do with alot of shirts or with more than one color.

Me, as a screen printer, would charge an arm & a leg for this because there is a BIG chance for many mess ups.

If you want to check it out, you might try to find a copy of this book at the library, make copies of how it is done, then take it to a local screen printer and see if they can do it.

But, in my opinion, it would cost less to do as a plastisol transfer. Have them make the largest one big enough for your largest shirt and trim off the edges for the other smaller shirts, or order a few different lengths.

It might also be easier, from a screen printer's point of view, if you move the stripes down a bit to go totally around the garment, instead of ending directly in the armpit seam.

When you screen print you have to push/pull a squeegee over the shirt to spread the ink evenly. If you push/pull over a seam it messes up the rest of the design because you don't have even pressure anymore. Bumps, seams, zippers, buttons, etc. are all in the way and a screen printer will either refuse to do it or charge you much more to have to work around such obstacles.
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