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I have a few personal shirts that have all the "tag" info printed on the inside neck of the shirt.

What kind of ink r they using to do that? I know it's not plastisol cuz u can always kinda see it from the other side... Thanks!

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I think they're probably plastisol; the typical commercial examples you see at Old Navy, etc. definitely aren't waterbased. The ink usually sits on top of the fabric and easily cracks and gets picked off over time. I agree it's not like typical plastisol though... I asked this question years ago, and I'm still yet to find an answer I'm actually happy with.

Regardless of what it usually is, you certainly can use waterbased or plastisol.

In terms of seeing it from the other side... it's a common problem with printed tags, whether you use plastisol or waterbased. If you turn all your shirts inside out you'll probably find the outside print is at least partially visible in a lot of cases; we usually just have no reason to notice or care.
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