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Printing Retro Sports Stars off U Tube.

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Hi, what is the law on using pictures of sports stars from U Tube via DTG Printer on to T Shirts. Im looking at puting retro pictures on T Shirts without using the persons names. What is the best way to avoid any legal loop holes whilst selling these t Shirts. Is it possible??
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Based on US law...

To do it legally, you would need to be licensed by the player or league.

Without a license, there are several legal issues including:

Right of Publicity (the use of the players likeness)
Copyright (the use of the photo you download from U Tube)
Trademark (the use of any team, league, sponsor or apparel logos that might be visible in the photo)

There really aren't any legal loop holes to make this risk free. You would essentially be hoping to fly under the radar and not be sued for any of the violations listed above.
the best way to avoid any legal hassle is not to do it. regardless of whether you put their name on it or not, it's still copyright infringement. if you do, the t-shirt police will kick your down in at midnight and break your left pinky toe, then beat you around your head and shoulders with a cease and desist (if you're lucky).

you may not be violating copyright law if the work was before 1923, but that's not to say you're not in violation of trademark, rights of publicity, or, in this case, say the national organization of the sport.

this is a good article for you:

New Rules for Using Public Domain Materials (What's in the Public Domain: PD and Copyright-Free,*Expired Copyrights,*Copyright Protection)
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