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Hello everyone!

This is my first post and I'm already begging for help.
I'm in the process of making some test prints for a thesis I'm working on, where I use colorimetry methods to determine differences in color reproduction depending on whether the material has been pretreated and on the material composition of said material.

The problem I've run into is I have a test file made in Illustrator that I exported to PDF, EPS, Tiff, everything, I tried matching the profiles in the TexJet RIP software to the output profiles in Illustrator and Photoshop but for the life of me I can't get the printer to print CMYK the way it is, it always adds other inks into the mix.

I understand it's an inkjet printer and that it usually expects RGB files which it then translates to CMYK colours, so I thought if I turn of CMS system while I feed it a CMYK file I would get it to print pure colours, but then It won't print at all. "Color space doesn't match!" it says.

I'm sure it's just my lack of knowledge of ICC profiles or something similar, but I hope somebody can help me because I've been losing my mind for almost a week trying to get it work.

Thank you guys with all my heart.
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