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Printing problem

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Hi guys,
I have an Epson WF7010, my files are grey scale Photoshop files, when i use Epson original inks the print is fine, i tried with compatible inks and the print comes out brownish. See picture attached, on the left it's the compatible inks, on the right the original.

Any ideas of how to fix the colours with the compatible inks?

The interesting thing is that when i print full colour with the original the colours are off, the black is greenish. Full colour with compatible looks much better.
I can't win :(

I'd love your feedback. I use "printer manages colours", and "quality" on "plain paper"



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I am not familiar with your printer, as it is not available in my region. But it seems to me you're laying down too much ink on the transfer paper and the transfer temperature could be very high.

By standard Epson ink, you mean Dye ink or Epsons pigmented ink?

As a general rule when ever you use Neenah SS, the printer driver settings should be Paper Type: Plain, Quality: Standard, Image Correction: Off.

I never print in Grey scale for apparel printing, all my blacks are printed as Rich Black. Grey scale in my opinion does not provide the best blacks.

If you have installed drivers for your printer, try selecting the printer profile for "Plain" from color management section of your photo editing software.

You might have to do couple of test prints on plain white paper to see if you're getting the grey tones you wish to have. Even after trying, you still end up with same shades, the only choice would be to change the ink brand.
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Ideally, you want an icc profile for the ink/paper combination you are using, and then have your graphics application manage the color using the profile, not the printer.

I use Cobra inks in my WF7210 along with profiles provided by Cobra. Does the maker of your ink have profiles available?

That said, the tawny black looks fine on that natural cotton color of the tote, at least to me.
What if you choose Photoshop manage colors?
You can select Adobe 2.2 Profile but at the end of the day if you can have an ICC profile for your ink, your colors will be far better. Otherwise it will take some trial and error to get colors close to what you want.
I like the left one better; more detail and less closing in on the shadow areas. That being said, make sure your raster image is grayscale (8 bit) not RGB or CMYK. And instead of the "printer manages color" command, see if you can select "print with black cartridge only."

To get some of the detail back in the shadow areas you can adjust the gamma on your original or use the tone curve tool to lighten up the shadows.
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