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Printing plastsol heat transfers

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Any advice given it would be greatly appreciated

I am trying to print athletic yellow golden ink on transfer paper the problem that I’m having is when I heat press the transfers it comes very dull working not golden yellow more like a washed out yellow

I’m using adhesion powder and then flashing the heat transfer. Do I need use a white coating above, I bought transfers from transfer express and they never has a white coating, what an I doing wrong
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I tried opaque ink on a transfer once but didn't like the quality as opposed to a direct print. I kind of lost interest after that but I should have experimented to try and get it right. For instance, what happens if you P/F/P and then F/P again?
Is it looking dull only on a dark garment, or on light ones as well?

If only on dark, then you probably do need a white underbase. Or an opaque ink.
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