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Printing Photoshop Seperations in Illustrator / Corel

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I'm the graphic designer at a small screen printing shop in Mississippi and like most shops we use accurip to print our separations.

We do shirts for a blues festival every year that usually an 8 color job and is pretty elaborate. This year we sent the artwork to someone to get the separations quick and he sent back a psd with the seps.

I was wondering if there was a way to import (corel) or File -> Place the photoshop document into corel or illustrator so that I can place the registration marks myself and have vector artwork on file.

I've been using adobe products for 8 years and corel for about 2 months so if anyone has a method using illustrator, i'd rather take that route.

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Illustrator can import the photoshop file directly. Just go File/Open and it will open the separated Photoshop file with all the separations, spot colors, etc intact. Ready to go. You mentioned "vectors" though. It won't be vector. I'll be raster images merely placed in a vector program.

CorelDraw can't understand spot channels directly. You could certainly "rebuild" the seps in Coreldraw, but you can't simply import it. For Coreldraw you'd need to do it channel by channel, importing, one by one. If you can get them into monochrome bitmap format, you can assign spot colors to them and create true separations. If not, then maybe you can put each separation on a page and print the seps that way. There's a way to create the monochrome bitmaps. I can't remember it off the top of my head. But definitely, Illustrator is the way to go. Just right click on the Photoshop file and choose to open it with Illustrator instead of Photoshop.
Boy I feel like a dummy. I had no idea illustrator would do that. Thanks so much!
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