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Hello all,

I 'm about to make the plunge into starting my own t shirt business, but needed to know 1 thing.

I've read in the forums that when it comes to printing photographs onto transfers, laser printers don't have the same quality as inkjets in terms of picture quality.

That laser printed transfers of photos, can look a little grainy. My question is, how grainy is it? Is it still pretty darn close or is it definitely noticeable?

If someone could post close up pictures of a few transfers of photographs they printed that'd be a TREMENDOUS help. Maybe some pics of gradients that were printed too if possible.

Is there a particular laser printer that does a better job with photos and gradients than other? I was considering getting an Oki data printer, but the whole photo thing could be a deal breaker (since that's almost all I'll be printing). Thanks for your help everyone :).
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