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Printing Orange on Camouflage

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I have read some about printing white ink on Camouflage, and realize the problems with dye migration. My question is we are going to be printing a orange, maybe flo orange on some Mossy Oak Camo t-shirts. Will the orange present the same problems as white? any experience with this? Thanks For any help!
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i would also like to know this. and also where did you get your mossy oak shirts?
Mossy Oaks are pricey. I would make two screens for the same image. The first screen would be used to print a coat of that undercoat type base ink which helps prevent dye migration. Flash that. Then print the orange on top of that. Ryonet has the undercoat made by International Inks. Then I would use the International brand ink for the orange just to be sure of a nice outcome. I did a short run of camo (not Mossy Oak) with orange and I used no undercoat. The job looked ok to an untrained eye. There was some dye migration.
i would also like to know this. and also where did you get your mossy oak shirts?
I'm printing these for a embroidery shop, they got the shirts, so I can't help you there. I did find site www.bigbill.com that carries a similar style of camo. Didn't check price but they can't be as much as Mossy Oak. I think Imprints Wholesale carries Mossy Oak though.

Thanks for the input. I may underbase them, but I'd like to avoid it if possible. Thought maybe the Orange wouldn't show the bleed as much. Thanks
You better underbase them, with a low bleed underbase grey preferably. Wilflex makes a special underbase grey that blocks dye migration better than any thing I've used so far. We print on camo all the time and we've tried many different things to keep the bleeding to a minimum, and low bleed whites are not enough to underbase with. You might find a poly white that could work, but why guess and take a risk when the grey underbase will work perfectly. Trust me, you don't want to have to buy all new mossy oak camo shirts for your customer and then reprint them because you didn't want to do an underbase, it ain't worth it.
I am in the process of trying to do the same thing. I put down a layer of opaque orange an then the florescent and still got some bleeding. Will the underbase that stops it from bleeding AND eliminate my need for the undercoat of orange?
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