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Hi everybody
I am new to this forum, and was hoping to get some advice. I am a graphic designer and thinking about setting up a t-shirt printing business. I am very new to this and have only been developing my idea over the past few weeks. I have decided that in the outset I will out source the printing until I have the capital to buy my own equipment. I have been doing a lot of research on the internet into different methods of garment printing and have decided that I will use a combination of screen printing and heat transfers for different designs. However I have been trying to find some information on printing onto patterned t-shirts. If for example I wanted to print a design onto a stripy t-shirt how would that work? would there be a different method involved? or can you print on to patterned t-shirts using the same methods as you would printing onto a plain white or blue t-shirt for example? Also does anybody know of a suppler where I could source patterned t-shirts from as I have found loads of companies selling plane t-shirts but none selling patterned ones. Any help would be much appreciated.

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