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Printing on silicone/enzyme washed tees?

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Does anyone have any tips for keeping lightweight shirts that are washed with enzyme or silicone washes stuck to the platen when printing? Recently, we have been printing on alot of these shirts, and we end up with spoilage of 15%+ on every single order, whereas our normal spoilage is less than 3%. We have tried spraying mist adhesive between every single shirt with mediocre results. Web adhesive works better but it stretches the shirt out when removing it from the platen. Stumped....:confused:
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all cotton fabric has an enzyme wash. most likely it's a silicone issue. have you tried roll tack? the waterbased variety should work well for you.
This is a great reference page about silicone finishes - we found it while trying to figure out what was wrong with a bunch of Hanes Nano fleece we printed. Now we know to AVOID SILICONE FINISH at all times... THE TROUBLE WITH SILICONE WASH
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