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Printing on Polyester....Help...

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Help...My customer wants their very delicate logo printed on a Black Poly Tank in a Neon Pink Ink. My printer said that if the design was not so thin and delicate, he could print a base coat of White Poly Ink and then use his Plastisol Neon Pink Ink on top. However, the design is so thin that he doesn't think the Neon Pink Ink will cover the White Base coat.

I need to offer them an alternative. They have already used White and Metallic Silver Ink on Black Poly garments. My printer said Neon Pink Poly Ink is not available...only the basic colors are available. I have looked online but cannot find any.

Thank you very much for any help you can give me...
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You can print with a white poly base and then top it off with a neon pink regular plastisol. If your printer is concerned about dye migration then you can always add a low cure additive to the pink.

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If your printer is not able to print on the polyester material, Then you can use the roll to roll printing machine. It uses NeoPigment ink, which is made of High intensity water based NeoPigment and able to design on any fabric types.
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He offered to do that but the design is fine and intricate and he said the White Poly base will show around the Neon Pink Plastisol Ink.
Then the printer doesn't know what they are doing. I choke halftones all the time. You could also get high opacity hot pink and just print flash print. It not as bight as a underbased image but very close
Yes you can get a pink poly, many ink distributors will PMS match inks for std printing and poly. We keep a poly base on hand to use with our mixing system, custom PMS match poly inks often.

As far as the under base it shouldn't be a problem. We did this one a week or two ago, it's not a poly job just an example how tight the reg can be and maintained. This was a Comfort Color cotton shirt (some have a tendency to migrate like poly so we treat them like a poly) under base grey/white under base mix then the top colors. No choke on the ub, no stroke on the top colors. This was the first shirt of 300+ order, made some adjustments on the pink and ran it.


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Union makes a poly ink in clear that can be used to underbase instead of white, taking care of the dye migration problem and allowing for easier registration on fine lines.
I also am troubled by all the new fabrics and inks to try to learn to make it work , I was in printing 18 years ago so now it is all new to me. I thank everyone that shares their trials and errors with the forum. I hope to become as good as I once was.:)
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