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I built some platens specifically for polo shirts. The slot allows the placket/buttons to drop out of the way.
John (Stitch-Up), great idea ... or "brilliant" as they say in the UK (at least that's what I'm told).

I noticed that you placed the "slot" for the buttons directly in the center of the platen ... which is not surprising since we all "center" our t-shirts on the platen (for the majority of our prints).

However, I'm curious ... does this (having the slot in center of platen) give you adequate space for a well positioned "left chest" logo?

I'm not criticizing or second guessing your design ... but I am curious ... if someone was to try to replicate your design and make their own version ... would it make sense to place the "slot" slightly further to the "left" (when looking down upon the face of platen) instead of directly in the center of the platen?

My thought is, placing the slot a little further to the left (on the platen) would allow for a little more space on the right for placing a "left chest" logo ... the only difference is, the operator would not "center" the polo on the platen, instead he would place the shirt on the platen according to were the buttons would lay in the slot, this would (in theory) mean that the actual print area (space to the right of the slot) would be a bit larger.

Yes, no, maybe?

Again, I'm not criticizing your design ... just wondering what you think.

Hope you are able to follow my rambling post ... it must be time for dinner.

Thanks for sharing!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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