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Printing on Plywood - Best Application

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Does anyone have experience printing on untreated and stained wood?

I use pre-sensitized photopolymer emulsion, plastisol & water-based inks and eco cleaning solvents.

1. So I'll have pieces that are oil based prestained that I want to print on. I was told a solvent ink works best for this.
* Can anyone suggest a low odor ink and I would prefer to let air cure due to the hazard of heating so many chemicals? I have a tiny and very hot shop.

2. On the untreated wood, I would like to print with wood stain.
* Recommended a stain?
* Will the stain or cleaning chemicals degrade this emulsion?
* Best mesh count?

To keep cost down I am using the same screens for both ink/stain applications.

Thanks for any input!!!
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You can use NazDar 9700 multi purpose ink and their gloss enamel series...5500?

I don't know about printing with stain....the pigment particles may not be fine enough for passing through your screen mesh.

We us 230 monofilament for both of the above ink. 9700 dries quicker, and can be printed on more substrates

Call NazDar and talk to a tech rep. They'll hek you out.
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