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Printing on Hoodies with GT381/Cube Spots

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Hello everyone. New to the forum, have found some great info so far so thank you in advance for what I have read and seen from everyone else in the DTG community

Me and a friend went in on a 381, Cube, heat press etc. We have been doing trial and error with shirts, hoodies, all the fun stuff. We finally got what we feel is the best option for shirts, which is the Next level 3600s. We have had mixed results trying to print on hoodies though.

We found a distributor in NYC for some 80/20 cotton poly blend hoodies but they are very inconsistent. We have treated them with just the brother pretreat (2 to 1) on various levels on the cube (lvl 2, 3, 2 twice) and we have heated it differently (30 seconds at 355, then 15 seconds twice at 305 and then 1-2x - all times on light) but the white just doesn't print nice and vibrant like my tees.

We got image armor Light and spraying that on with a heavy duty spray bottle has "worked" but sometimes leaves blotches of pre treat which show when it's cured. We were instructed to use the cube to spray regular brother pre treat, then to put the image armor on top. This resulted in white boarders around the hoodie, so we did it again and sprayed inside the boarder of the original pre treat. We did NOT heat the hoodie until both layers of brother pre treat and the IA were on there.

We also tried the cotton heritage 60 40 hoodies which seemed to work much better but the white wasn't printing vivid without the IA.

I can get a picture of the blotches tomorrow but I figured if this is somewhat common someone would know.

I appreciate you reading this and hope you can help me and my guys out!

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You need to make sure the hoodie has a 100% cotton face. I may be wrong but Hane's is the only brand that offers this option, check out their F170 pullover hoodie. I sell bunch of these and the customers like them a lot.
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Port authority makes one now called the Fan Favorite, also most Independent Trading fleece has 100% cotton face.
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Thank you for your responses!! I'm going to check them out. I also had someone give me a call and I'm going to try out the College hoodie from Citadel. All good info, time to do some trial & error!
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