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Printing on fleece for the first time. Advice?

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I'm scared lol...

I'm real new to screen printing. I've printed on t-shirts so far with pretty much no problems, but I need to print on fleece for a customer for the first time (2-color). He's given me 2 hoodies in a run of t-shirts. They are Russell Athletic fleece hoodies (one black and one heather gray). If I mess one up, he got them at Sears so worst case scenario, I can run out and buy one and eat the cost. But any advice for me so I don't screw up?

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Follow the videos on youtube. Most are rational. Go buy a couple cheapie fleece at walmart and screw them up first. We buy cases of seconds from brook textile to use for all our testing. And boy do we need the practice.:eek:

Search this forum for fleece procedures as well. Much much is here on that subject;)
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Thank you! Yea I learned most of what I know so far off of Ryonet's YouTube channel lol.
Make sure your tack is good, use a harder squeegee if you have it, and don't try to use too high of a mesh... maybe 156 for dark ink, 125/110 for light, if not lower. Flash them before you start printing, and don't flash for too long when you're printing. (if it's smoking, you flashed too long :) )

And really, I'd hesitate to do those two sweats on this job unless you're getting paid what they cost for each one. If you're well practiced, running a couple of sweats with t's isn't too hard, but if you have no practice, you may be screwing yourself over... those things ain't cheap--especially at retail.
I have 2 70 duro squeegees and 2 triple duro's from ryonet. Will the triple duro (70/90/70) work?
Raise your offcontact a bit, do not over flash, let it cool down before printing.
Also, I tell all my customers that I do not guarantee any of the customer supplied garments. If something goes wrong, I will NOT REPLACE THEM. Usually, next time they come back and order through me.
I have 2 70 duro squeegees and 2 triple duro's from ryonet. Will the triple duro (70/90/70) work?
I prefer triple duros, although I usually use 60/90/60's. They seem to be a little tougher to find though.
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