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Printing on 100% polyester jacket...

I have some Agusta Sportswear 100% polyester jackets w/100% polyester lining (pull over) red to print... two colors micro registration front and back...

My first attempt was to run the jascket through the tunnel dryer at 320 to get the shrinking done and over with then clamp them on my press, print the fill color( black) , flash (very short flash 3 sec) then print the outline (white)... it seems that a 3 sec flash even shrunk the jacket more cause it didn't keep registration... I know the registration is good cause I just did 300 shirts with the same press & screens & design...

any ideas on how to get these done???:confused:
I was even thinking about making some heat press designs to press on the jacket instead??!!

Thanks much,
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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