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I have a relatively simple design of 3-4 seperate words and 3 different colors.
I have read up on the different methods on how to print this onto t-shirts (wanna do it DIY).
I have a A3 laser printer and a heat press, and i want to make high quality, durable prints onto dark t-shirts.

The only method i have read that can do this with what i have is transfer paper, but i'v heard that doesn't produce the quality i'm looking for :)

What is the best way to do this DIY?



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There are a couple of good laser transfer sheets, but for light shirts only. One is Imageclip which is aself weeding two step process and the other is Duracotton HT.

For darker shirts, there is Airwaves Fabric Opaque.

There is also one for darks called Magic Touch WOW. But it's like 5 or 6 steps and is expensive at $7 per transfer or so.

Do a search at the top of this page for Imageclip, Duracotton HT, Airwaves, and Magic Touch for tons more info.
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