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Printing Method Recommendations

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Hello all,

Recently a few friends and I have been exploring the possibility of creating our own t-shirt design company. We have created a few designs and have had them sent out to a professional to be printed. All of the designs have sold well, and we are encouraged by our results.

However, we are looking to save money by taking control of the printing process as well as the design process. Our initial strategy (being a company in the start-up phase) is to have an order based system (i.e. when we receive online orders, we would print each order individually. This way we don't have to worry about excess stock/sizing.)

I have been doing much research, and most often my searches lead me to this forum. As a beginner, I am overwhelmed by the various methods of printing that I have discovered.

In summary, I am looking for a professional opinion of what type of printing I should be looking into given the business plan I described above. Also, is the described plan even feasible as a start-up process?

Thank you in advance for all of your help!
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I think you will get the best answers by providing some photos of the designs. Then we can advise you on a choice between screen printing, custom transfers, direct to garment, or transfer paper.
The designs that we would print vary greatly, from simple one color prints to prints of photos that use many colors. The area of print would most likely stay in the chest of the t-shirt (with a small logo in the bottom corner).

We are also interested in maintaining a certain quality standard. I've used the heat transfer paper and inkjet printer method to make sample designs and I was not exactly blown away by the quality of the transfer.

Due to the variety of colors in many of our designs, is heat transfer the best option? Is there any way to get a heat transfer that rivals the quality of a superior technique such as a screen print?

I can post pictures in the near future as well if that is necessary. Thank you for your response!
Yes, quality custom transfers definitely match the quality of direct screen printing. Keep in mind that pricing is based on quantity and number of colors. Smaller amounts can be quite costly.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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