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Printing method preferred for 10+ locations, minimal color

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I want to print t-shirts for a new clothing line. Each t-shirt design has 14 small drawings that are relatively simple (just black outlines) that cover the front of the shirt. About 2/3 of the drawings are colored in with a single color. In total there are 2-3 colors per design in addition to the black outlines. I need about 50 of each t-shirt design. Which method is better/more feasible/cheaper for this kind of design - screen printing or DTG? (I will not be printing them myself.)

I am new to this site and t-shirt making so any help would be greatly appreciated! :)
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I think it depends on how much the person printing them is going to charge you?? DTG or Screen printing?
I'd say screen printing may be more economical for you. DTG is economical for small runs, gradient fades, lots of colors, etc. Best of luck!
Go for screen printing whenever possible which I think suits your case of 50 shirts and non-photographic designs.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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