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Hey there! I am completely new to this, and maybe I dont even post in the right place (my gosh this forums is HUGE), but I hope you can help me out. I want to start a small T-Shirt business and all the while I thought I´d go for sublimation, as I thought "whoah, professional look. Doesnt look like a sheet of foil glued on a shirt at all, thats what I want".
Well, then I learned, this isn´t for 100% cotton shirts, which I absolutely want. (I guess 180g Shirts should be good? The more weight the better?160g good too?).
Anyways, after learning this, I searched for "sublimation on 100% cotton" and found special transfer paper that allows such, however then I read this post from a veteran member of this forums on the topic:
I have been sublimating going back to way before inkjet printers were even used. These schemes (sublimtation papers for cotton) have been around a long time.


JPSS inkjet transfer paper using pigment ink in a inkjet printer will get you the same or better results. Less opportunity for mis-applying, lower cost, great results. Don't need a poly shirt either.
So, thats my aimed-for setup at the moment:
Epson 1500W, can use dye ink for sublimation, but pigmented ink for inkjet transfer aswell. Also it can be outfitted with a Bulk system (CISS) sparing tons of ink. Heard all but good things on this printer, so I will go for that one and the aforementioned transfer paper (which seems unavailable in germany where I live).

But heres the challenge, I want to reach below level of Quality somehow, what does it take to achieve that?, what technique is used here? I would have thought sublimation, but the shirt is declared 100% cotton:



Sorry if this is the wrong section, I dont know where to post/start, been researching this stuff a week NON-STOP and my head is exploding. Basically I want to achieve the quality-standart from above pictures (or something very close to it until I can afford going seriously "professional"). I´d be very grateful for hints / tipps / setups as I want to print my own multi-coloured Comic Shirts with shown-above quality, and also on preferably dark (black) shirts. P.S.: how does one post images in this forums? The BB Code of the forums seems broken.
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