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printing issues dtg hm1 kiosk

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Hi There

I am currently having problems with me HM1.

When i print on white garments using white normal profile
i get a pink sort of mark on the left side of the print. its a faint mark but you can see it.

i have spoke to my suppliers but they have said clean encoder sensors and change the strip. i have done this and still have the problem they now suggest changing the head carridge

But i was wondering if anyone has had this problem before and what they did with it?
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Look for lint or dust around the printhead. This is a common occurrence
when working with shirts. Sometimes just a piece of lint from your shirt gets caught up around the printhead.

Use a mirror or the bed to look at the bottom the printhead. Use cleaning solution (not tap water or alcohol) and lint free cloth -gently
wipe around the head in 1 direction.
We do our daily routine cleaning is this the same cleaning method you suggest?
How long has it been since you changed the capping station on your printer?
It was changed around June/ July 2011. It had new head cartridge and capping station
Can you take a pic of your capping station and the problem area?
Not right now but will try and get hold of one tomoro? Any suggestions what I could do with it though?
Here are photos of my capping station

I would suggest replacing your capping assembly.

Equipment Zone

How come?

Does it look damaged?
How come?

Does it look damaged?
No, it looks like its being used which is a good thing. But, like it was stated earlier its a wear item. If you just have to replace the capping station and not the printhead then that's good. If you keep running a capping station that doesn't have proper suction then your run the risk of damaging your head.
have you had this problem in the past?
its one of the symptoms..are you still having problems?

you can clean the capping station really good run under hot water to see if its the culprit..i wouldn't use this as a permanent fix but a temporary one till you new capping station comes.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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