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printing inks

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does anyone know if an epson 1400 will operate with black ink only , no color inks. HELP
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Just a few comments - I don't use a 1400.
There is a thing you can buy off eBay called a chip resetter that will tell all your coloured inks that they are always full; they are very cheap.
I take it you have checked your print settings to see if it has an option for printing in black.
You can buy Accurip and the Black Max system which is a high density dye based black ink system for film positives where it has all black inks and draws from them equally.
The printer is not intelligent enough to know what color of ink you are using. just go ahead and use it. I'm planning to use all white for my DIYDTG which is in the planning stage.

Happy printing!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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