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Printing individual Name N Numbers set advice

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Hi I,ve just stared screen printing and have just been asked to print a batch of shirts for a hen party,The front is not a problem as the designs the same but they all need individual names and numbers on the back.
How and what is the cheapest/easiest way to manage this thanks all
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Agreed. If you don't have a vinyl cutter, this is the most cost effective method.
Thanks I do not own a vinyl cutter so how does the plastisol transfers process work?cheers
About a month ago I did my first job using Transfer Express "Goof Proof" transfers. I did 50 shirts with a left chest emblem and then a full back design. After correcting some things thatr I sent to them incorrectly, Transfer Express did a great job of getting my product to me. When they say "Goof Proof" they mean it. Simple placement, heat apply, peel and done.

Hope your experience goes as well.
Thanks I do not own a vinyl cutter so how does the plastisol transfers process work?cheers
You need to a heat press. pretty much you lay the shirt on the heat press platen. lay the transfer upside down where you want the placement. close the top of the press at recommended time and temperature, then open press and peel transfer paper leaving the plastisol name and number on the shirt.
How many "hens" are you printing shirts for, and how many screens do you have?
If it's a dozen shirts, and you've got 6 screens, make a screen for each print, two sets in all. Kind of labor intensive and uses a lot of emulsion for what you're getting, but since you're starting out, what the hell. And if you don't have a heat press, you really have no other choice.
If you do not have a vinyl cutter, you can also just purchase t-shirt vinyl from a company like imprintables warehouse and take the vinyl to any sign shop and they can cut it for you for a price.
when you can order pre cut names and numbers from suppliers why do all the leg work. call stahls like was mentioned before. If you dont have a heat press start burning screens.
3"x11" name cost me about $0.45. The same name from transfer express would cost $1.50 or so. I will always put that extra $1.00 in my pocket. I can charge my customer $1.50, but if you bought the transfer, you'd have to charge your client $2.25 or more at a 50% markup...

Doing it my way, my client and I both win.
There is an entire industry on Name/Number drops. I know of one guy that does $1 Million a year doing just that. Yes, that is right, $100,000 a month on numbers screen printed.
It costs me about $2.40 in vinyl to do a name and number, plus weed and apply time. I just did a job of 40 shirts with a logo and numbers on the back, burgundy ink on athletic gray. I lost the job on my quote using vinyl and my cutter, but it's a customer I don't want going anywhere else, so I did a quick test doing plastisol transfers with my heat press, and a stretch and wash test, and requoted the job, and got it. Every fall I do a powderpuff football game set of shirts that comes in around 180 shirts, and all of the dark ink prints are going to be done with transfers this year, using the vinyl only for the golden yellow ink shirt backs, since, so far, I can't get what I consider to be a sufficiently opaque transfer in that color of ink without underbasing, which will kill the job because of the number of screens and registration problems. On the other hand, I'll save a ton by not having to buy the dark ink vinyl, and I can charge the same for the finished shirt. A couple of hundred extra bucks in my pocket.
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