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Printing in Bamboo with NeoFlex

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Has anyone had any success printing on bamboo shirts with the NeoFlex. Have a few designs that will require white ink on 70 percent bamboo from rayon.
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Poly treatment and regular ink will work, I think. It will work with all digital printers but quality will not be same. Best way is send your art work to all mfgs and resellers and you make a call. Make sure u send your shirts you will use.
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I have the NeoFlex and just wanted to know if anyone else has had any luck with bamboo.
bamboo is a natural fiber and will work just fine. i have a bamboo shirt that was printed over 3 years ago, and it's one of the softest shirts i have. the print still looks good.
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Did you print then bamboo shirt yourself on the NeoFlex?
If your printing with white ink the 20% Rayon will effect it a bit. The durability should still be there.
i didn't have my NeoFlex at that time, but it was still using DuPont inks. my shirt is 70% bamboo and 30% cotton, so the rayon is your wildcard.
The customer is saying that the sheet they have are "rayon from bamboo" 70% and 30 % cotton.
Sorry to drum this thread up. But I was curious if anyone has recently been trying printing with the NeoFlex and Bamboo shirts. I have received the 70%Bamboo/30%Cotton shirts from two different vendors now and have just started testing a few.

We've been seeing mixed results, but this could have a lot to do with the fact that we are just getting used to our new NeoFlex. We have blanks in Black, White and Heather Grey. The Black ones are getting about 35% pretreat (percentage from Viper 6000) and are taking the ink really well. But after we do a full print, we are going back to lay down another 30% pass of the color design - we are looking for some really vibrant colors.

These shirts are up to about 5 washes so far, and looking good. One thing we've noticed between the two suppliers are a difference in shirt weight which greatly affects the heat that the shirt can withstand (before it starts to show signs of browning under the heat press).

At any rate, I was curious who else might be using these now and if there's any other little tidbits of knowledge/wisdom out there. I'm going to be printing up a few hundred more of varying designs in the coming weeks... Should have a lot better intel by the end of that process.
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Because it is natural fiber I cannot find it will be hard to print. Try 50% dark pretreat and 50% water or white/poly pretreat straight. I am sure there are some NeoFamily are using these shirts. After your testing please share with us. If you do not have light/poly pretreat it will be free from AA to test.
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