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Printing heat transfers

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So I am looking to print heat transfers with my press, but I am having trouble trying to figure out how to hold the paper in the same place every time without using an expensive vacuum pallet.

I was thinking about using some clips or tacks, but i am still not 100% what the best way to do it is. Does anyone have any ideas or tips for holding the sheets in place?
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I saw a video on YouTube, called something like "9 color plastisol transfer" the logo is garfeild the cat. In that video it looks like he has 2 clips, one on the left and one on the bottom. He slides the paper in and it fits right in place.

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Yes, cool video. There are other ones that go into a bit more detail.

Be sure to use a paper that's pretty stable. Pre-shrink it anyway by running through a dryer. Temperature is critical. The ink has to gel not fully cure. A three point registration guide like thin cardboard or a few layers of masking tape will work. A bit of spray tack can be used to in addition. Preparing the art/graphic so darker or final colors trap the other colors allows for slight registration issues.
Thanks for the tips, and I saw that video too but was just unsure of how he made the clips stay in place. I have rubber topped pallets so i really can't screw anything down
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