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Printing for a washed out look

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If i print an image with a low opacity % example 25% so that the image looks slighty transparent and almost transparent.

Will it print out using lesser inks? Or will it just use white to make it look like the faded look i desire?

Im currently overseas so hard to do a mock design but if you require one i can do one when i got home. I went in for a demo for the neoflex so far so good! I might need to come back here for refresher on cleaning and such! Looking forward to keeping in touch with everyone here.
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if your changing the opacity in photoshop than importing in, yes it will use white ink and yes less of it, the rip understands what color your trying to achieve and will adjust its underlay. I think the best way would be to make it look washed out in photoshop or whatever you use and than print it, and you should be fine, I ave done some transparent overlays and it came out just like computer image.
Glupo hit it right on the nose. The NeoRip Pro understands what you are trying to achieve. If you need to have a reference of what it will look like on your shirt put a background color on it. For example if your print will be on a black shirt put a black back ground on the image

You can even save the image with the black background and print it as it. The software will automatically knock out the black using the color of your shirt as pure black as well as using it to generate your other colors.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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