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printing discharge white on an automatic

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Hello folks, we have printed manually for a number of years but recently got an automatic press about 2.5 months ago. about 75% of our work is waterbase.

we do a ton of discharge replacement and use discharge white as well. our ink system is the rutland wb-99.

generally we print our white through a 160 mesh and modify the ink by putting in about 5% lubricant and 5% penetrant with one squeegee pass to get good penetration into the garment. we use a 35-40% squeegee angle and more pressure that we would use on a plastisol print.

we flash the ink slightly on press when we follow the white with other colors but Brian Lessard @ Rutland has told us to NOT start the discharge reaction on press (or only a little) because we have had problems with a splotchy looking white when fully flashed.

on to the question:

sometimes i prefer to have white early in the print order, particularly when using as an underbase for plastisol top colors or when trying to print a foil adhesive last.

my later screens keep sticking to that discharge white print and pulling the shirt out of registration. i use both spray tack and waterbased tack and experience the same problem. i know that in large-coverage areas, the water is penetrating down to the platen and deactivating the tack in that area.

anybody out there have more experience with discharge white and want to share your wisdom?
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Sometimes I have to slow the cycle down so the flashed ink isn't to hot and tacky to stick to the next screen. Also I've tried some spray silicon on the underside of top color screens to stop the sticking.
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