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First post... I want to print a design...

***From whole shoulder only front and back to short and long sleeve (possibly right around) cotton garments i.e t-shirts, shirts and hoodies using one color.

After much research I've found no machine is able to do that and I can now understand why.

My question is then....Can I pre-cut garments to be able to achieve this???? wether it be on DTG, screen printing, embroidery, dye sub etc.

Advise would be greatly appreciated!!!!

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Yes, it's called cut and sew. Oftentimes fabric will be printed on a roll to roll fabric printer then cut and sewed. Screen printing and dye sublimation are other methods for this as well.

You can screen print called all over printing using a waterbased ink that goes over the seams with no problems. You are talking larger volumes to be cost effective, but it can be done.
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