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Printing Brown-Faint font on Dark Gray

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Hey guys, this has been a terrible situation for the last 48 hours for me, as im new to DTG, and having my first big order problem so far. I have a faint logo im printing which is attached, BUT, i can NOT get the propper white to lay down, the brown wont show up, its to the point i Feel like putting a small white outline around the art in illustrator.... Any similar issues for anyone?
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Light gray turned out awesome...Cant figure out what to do with the dark garment "dark gray" or "Steel" named. but, its printing purple, and its also not printing the cactus/succulent at the top, in the green it needs to be. I know I checked and unchecked as needed to see preview changes, but i see nothing about any type of magenta or anything to lead towards purple when it should be Brown...Yeah, their reg logo is fairly dark, but I think half my problem is white lay...I might be printing way to much white or even visa versa. Here are the pics....

Thanks guys
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