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Hi Guys

I Have been printing films with an epson 1400 for a few years now but never been able to print a dense black, seems to look a reddish colour when held up to light so ive been doubling up my acetates.

This week i thought id finally solve the problem of doubling up acetates by turning my printer into an all black system. After some reading i bought the empty CYMK carts from cityinks.co.uk and bought some black dye ink and filled all the carts with black ink. preformed a couple of head cleans and made sure my artwork was 100% black in all cmyk channels.

I was thinking maybe i need to do some more head cleans but its more likely a setting. Could it be that the colour settings/profile setting of my art board in photoshop isnt setup properly so it isnt communicating with my printer properly? i was also wondering what printer settings people use? should the printer manage colours or photoshop?

I plan on upgrading to a 4800 but untill then i need to get the most out of what ive got and from what i have read theres many screen printers getting decent films out of the 1400.

Thanks for reading, any help on this would be massively appreciated!

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