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Printhead not firing

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Hi guys,

New member here but have been browsing for a while. My f2000 is roughly about 15 months old. Bought new. I was in the middle of a print roughly about 70% complete. Print stopped and ended with the random barcode lines to the left of the image. Which wasn't part of the design. I then got the 1138 error right after.

So I restart the printer to attempt to print again. Did a nozzle check and prints complete blanks. I do a head clean to see if it clears it up. Still nothing firing.

The printer will still attempt to print a job and move from left to right but no ink comes out at all. Here is a photo of the random lines its printed.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Also... Mainboard has been swapped out, my tech brought an old head just to see if it would fire any ink out. Completely blank still.

Possibly bad printer head cable? Or printhead in general?

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